Development and Testing

Installing for Development

  1. Clone the git repo.
  2. virtualenv --python=python3.6 .
  3. python develop
  4. pip install tox
  5. Make changes as necessary. Run tests with tox.


Testing is done via tox and pytest. pip install tox then tox to run tests.

The package itself uses the wonderful requests package as a HTTP(S) client. Tests use the betamax package to record and replay HTTP(S) requests and responses. When adding a new test using betamax, set JIVEAPI_TEST_MODE=--record in your environment to capture and record new requests - otherwise, outgoing HTTP requests will be blocked. To re-record a test, delete the current capture from tests/fixtures/cassettes. Before committing test data, please inspect it and be sure that no sensitive information is included. To print all base64 bodies from a specific betamax “cassette”, you can use jiveapi/tests/fixtures/